Saint Priest Mayor and delegation visit Solyem

Solyem was pleased to welcome Mr Gascon, Saint Priest’s Mayor and his delegation, for an exchange about Solyem’s future and its involvement in the local community.

During this visit, the Team had the opportunity to visit our workshop, understand our production system and our organisation.

We also shared about Solyem’s development roadmap, not only about business, and also on other aspects like environment.

The delegation:

  • Mayor: Monsieur Gascon
  • Head of the Economy-Employment Department: Madame Auberger
  • Economy and Finance deputy: Monsieur Berlioz-Curlet
  • Shop and Retail Deputy: Monsieur Lodi-Chemain
  • Director of Cabinet: Monsieur De Cock
  • Head of Cabinet and Director of Communications: Monsieur Bassette